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Wood Wire Spool

This is a top-of-the-heap Wood cable reel for sale! This reel renders 24 x 13 12 inch Wood cable reel, it holds 500 feet of 40 table. This reel is top-of-the-heap for selling Wood cable in the market.

Wooden Wire Spools

This wooden Wire Spool offers alternative to chain or leather thimble spools, the cable reel imparts an 15-12-x-16-12 inch size for 6. With an 10-awg size for 6, this wooden Wire Spool as well available with an 100-ft. Reel or an 500-foot reel, the wooden Wire Spool is top-of-the-line for demonstrations, training, or manufacturing. This is a terrific piece of furniture for the home also known as a "reel" because it is fabricated of wood, it is conjointly called a "spool" because it is a top length for wooden cords. This reel provides an 20" length so that you can easily connect wooden reels to create more cords, the reel is conjointly adjustable so that you can change the length of the cord. This reel is a top-notch substitute to keep your Wood cords short and uncomplicated to connect, the Wood Wire Spool is a first-rate alternative to increase your electrical supply by using Wood Wire in between the db and the spindles of your electrical cord. The Spool can hold 15 feet of Wire in each spool, or 12 feet in each spool, the Spool can bearing 500 feet of Wire in each direction, or 10 feet in each direction, so you can this wooden Wire Spool offers a skid on it so that you can easily get it moving. The skid makes it easier to move the reels around and keep them moving.