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Wire Wreath Card Holder

Our Wire Wreath Card Holder is a splendid surrogate to keep your cards hunting top-notch, with our burlap photo holder, you can store your cards like a photo album. The 16 square red tan brown burlap photo Holder will make your business look like a fact sheet.

Wire Wreath Card Holder Ebay

This is a real fun and unique Card holder! The Wreath is topped with a small star and there is a spiral design around the edge, the Card carrying handle is attached to the wreath. This is a valuable for giving as a gift or for keeping all your cards safe and basic to access, this Wire Wreath Card Holder is a fantastic surrogate to keep your cards close to your home while you're on the go. The clip Card Holder features led lights that make it basic to take notes or note your thoughts while on the go, this is a valuable vintage christmas Card Holder Wire Wreath Card spiral - holly new in box - unused. With its rustic look and feel, it'll add a touch of luxury to your home décor, plus, its stylish design will make your christmas present feel like a turn on.