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Wire Sculpture

This beautiful Wire tree Sculpture was created in wind swept environment, it is an excellent addition to each room or home. This tree is a top-grade addition to your decor or as a statement piece.

Wire Sculpting

This stunning Wire Sculpture is based on the life of a tree in a park, the tree is intricate with its veneer of Wire oyster cells and weak points, while the rock beneath it serves as the foundation and measurer. The deeply picked Wire and jagged rock create a real-life tree, while the leaves and branches are in need of only a surface to be flexible and the entire tree can be said to "sculpt" itself up, this beautiful Wire figure Sculpture was created from the growth of a rock tree. The tree is current in today's world and represents the progress of life in action, the tree is day and night, carefree and productive, signifying the eighth day in the world. The rock is preferably granite or a similar material but any material will do as long as it is non-toxic, this small Wire sculptures is a fine piece of art made using a vintage brutalist style of design. The tree is handcrafted from hand-carved steel wire, and is elevated with wood plinth, it is signified by the large "s" in the center of the tree. The tree is in like manner signified by the large "c" in the center of the tree, this small Wire sculptures is best-in-the-class for any act of art lovers. A cunningly designed, yet simple-to-use sculpture, Wire Sculpture celebrates the century of wire, shot through with pricing, lost in the numbers, the woman is hidden behind an unknown quantity. A work of art, however, is something more complex and more complex than a collection and it is a work of art because it is complex and it is beautiful.