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Wire Cutters

This sturdy 8-inch cutting knife imparts a comfortable multi-purpose grip, and is equipped with two diagonal that can be used for cutting, or snipping, the heavy-duty cutting wires and Cutters are sterling for any business or professional application.

Fence Pliers 10

Fence Pliers 10" Inch Multi

By Michigan Industrial Tools


5PCS 170 Blue Flush Wire Cutter Diagonal Cutting Pliers Side Cutter Nipper

5PCS 170 Blue Flush Wire

By Unbranded


5PACK 170 Blue Flush Wire Cutter Blue Diagonal Cutting Plier Side Cutter Nippers

Wire Cutters Walmart

The 5 x flush electrical Wire cutter is a top-of-the-line tool for flushing electrical Wire in and out of machines, the blue diagonal side cutter is top-notch for cutting off sets of electrical wire, while the nipper timer means you can always get your machine working again. The 5 pack 170 blue flush Wire cutter is a top-notch tool for cutting through Wire previews and crimp limiters, the cutting head is comfortable to handle and the is able to cut through Wire like a butter. The side cutter is furthermore outstanding for cutting through insulation and post-it cards, the Wire Cutters are top-grade way for someone scouring for a reliable and efficient surrogate to cut cable. With a comfortable grip and a simple-to-use guide, the Wire Cutters are outstanding for a person starting out, the cut cable with the Wire Cutters is different from other users because it is mixed with sumo and beveled. This makes it difficult for the cable cutter to get a clean cut, the micro-beading pliers can handle a wide range of materials, from copper to fiber optic cable. The leaf spring allows the user to cut cable with precision, despite the fact that these tools are not without risks, the 4. 5 in jaw allows the user to cut through insulation and plastic film with ease, lastly, the nipper leaf spring provides extra stability as well as control when cutting cable. The Wire cutter is an unrivaled tool for diagonal cutting applications, it grants two cutting angles, one on each side of the tool. They are top for repairs or repairs with sharp edges, the tool also extends a side cutter for larger projects.