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Plastic Shelf Supports For Wire Shelving Units

Looking For a sturdy, improved version of your old Plastic Shelf supports? Look no more than the uline h-1205-sprt! This product is an 4-pack of Supports that can help keep your Wire Shelving Units in place and scouring good.

Cheap Plastic Shelf Supports For Wire Shelving Units

These Plastic Shelf Supports are For the h-1205-sprt Wire Shelving units, they are 4 pack and are new in the store. You can get them For your unit if it is in stock or you can get them through uline, they are made of Plastic and design For stability. The Supports areyline-quality hardware, they are facile to order and add a touch of luxury to your room. This is a first-class new product from u-line! The plastics shelves Supports are first-rate For your Wire Shelving unit - giving you an extra level of stability and basic care, they're made from strong plastic, so they'll last and never lose their shape. The 4 packs of Supports will fit most Shelving units, these Plastic Shelf Supports are unrivaled For use with your Wire Shelving units. They are basic to put together and can be used For a variety of tasks such as unsorted content, or carting items down the aisle.