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Ground Wire

Ground Wire is a practical solution for shoppers who ache to add audio equipment to theiréeconomy, the Ground Wire set allows people to run 50 feet of Ground Wire in any direction, allowing them to protect the from damage.

8 Awg Ground Wire

This is an 8 awg Ground wire, this is the best quality Wire for your home audio units. It is 14 gauge and grants a good strength, this Wire is splendid for use in homes and other small spaces. Braided copper Ground Wire is an outstanding alternative for 12 gauge Wire because it is strong, copper-doped, and delay-free, it can handle today's power lines with ease. This Wire is an 4-gauge awg (but not 4-a cord) and is black, it is wanting and gives a few reviews that say it's not good for audio. It is conjointly a little small for audio, this electrical Ground Wire is 25 ft 4 gauged and is black for power. It is used for cars with power devices such as radios and phelps machines, it is additionally used for cars with other ground-related devices such as and matchbox air filters.