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Epiphone Les Paul Wiring Harness

The Les Paul wiring Harness is an original guitar pickup box that gives you access to all the factory wiring and components for the all-remixes guitars, this is splendid for an individual who wants to build their own guitar band. The Harness also includes all the screws and parts you need to build your own guitar.

Harness 2v2t For Epiphone Les Paul Usa Shipping
Harness Volume Tone Pots W/ Hw

2006 Epiphone Les Paul 100

By Epiphone


Harness Volume Tone Pots Output Jack W/ Hw
Harness W/ Hw
Harness Switch Pots Jack W/ Hw
Harness Custom Cts 550k Pots 9% Tolerance

Premium Epiphone Les Paul Wiring

By Atlantic Custom Guitars


Harness With Coil Split + Custom Tone Caps!
Harness - Orange Drop Tone Caps!

Solderless Epiphone Les Paul /

By Charlies Gear


Harness Quick Connect For Epiphone Les Paul

Epiphone Sg Wiring Harness

The wiring Harness for Les Paul sg dot is a first rate substitute to keep your in good condition! The Harness includes a soldering iron and handle, so you can easily add new wire connections, the Harness also includes enough signals for a full electric setup, making it top-of-the-heap for first timers. The wiring Harness 2 v2 t is an outstanding pick-up for your lp guitar, it includes both a fernandes- designed and the new 3-pronged outlet type. The wahl is basic to maintain and adjustment, while the 3-pronged outlet type ensures constant current flow, the wiring Harness is designed to suit a variety of guitars, including the Les paul, d-s addiction, j-s-s, and v-s-t guitars. This is an 1 set electric guitar wiring Harness kit Les Paul lp, this Harness is for the 2009 Les Paul junior. It includes a volume tone pot, an output jack, and a few other pieces of hardware, it lets you assigning one guitar to operate two channels one guitar's volume and tone. The Harness makes life much easier for you headman and you your guitars.