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Brass Wire Brush

The Brass Brush is top-of-the-heap for cleaning Brass and silver connections, it with its long handle made it effortless to manage and clean. The Brush also gives a comfortable handle for long use.

Small Brass Wire Brush

This small Brass Wire Brush set peerless for use with a rotary tool, die grinder or dremel, the set includes 36 Brass Wire Brush pieces. The set can be used for any type of tool, this 15 pcs mini stainless steel Brass nylon Wire Brush set is an excellent alternative to get the latest cleaning techniques and finishes on your products. With its mini size and lightweight design, it makes a peerless everyday or home-theater brush, the high-quality Brass content in this set means that you can trust that this set will do the job correctly. This Brass Wire Brush set is a first rate mix for the dremel, rotary tool, die grinder, it includes 45 pieces that are exceptional for various brushes. The Brush is straightforward to hold and makes it basic to Brush on the workpiece, the set also includes a pen brush, beneficial for making notes or marking with the dremel, rotary tool, or die grinder. The 24 pc, Wire Brush set stainless steel Brass rust remover cleaning polishing Brush is an enticing way to get your cleaning process started. This Brush set comes with a stainless steel brush, which is top-of-the-heap for removing rust and composites, the set also includes a Brass remover, this set is sensational for an admirer wanting to get started with cleaning their glover-lloyd products.