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Amp Wiring Kit

Looking for a complete 2500 w 4 ga color amplifier installation kit? Look no further than the Amp we carry a full fledged amplifier with every Kit we offer, whether you need a new amplifier for your car, or you've been trying to steady yourself after an axess or other power tool break, this Kit will get the job done. With multiple wires to keep things organized and running correctly, this Kit comes with everything you need to get started! Plus, for added features and peace of mind, our installer is here to help with the installation, so come see what we go too and get ready to hear that this amplifier is right for you.

Car Amp Wiring Kit

This car Amp Kit consists of four rca cable kits and a new subwoofer kit, you can use these Kit to wires to amplify your car audio equipment. The Kit includes four car audio cable kits and one new rca cable kit, looking to get a sound quality that is not as good as you could get from a dedicated amplifier? To get a sound quality that is not as good as you could get from a dedicated amplifier? Then this amplifier Kit might be an exceptional for you! It features an 0-ga wire that is connected to the audio socket and provides power only for that gauged output. This amplifier wiring Kit will allow you to install all the necessary electrical wiring in your amplifier, the Kit includes a gauged amplifier and all the cabling necessary to complish your amplifier's installation. The boss audio kit2 8 gauge amplifier installation wiring Kit includes 8 gauge and 12 gauge wiring harnesses for various types of amplifiers, the Kit also includes tools and tips for facile installation.