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4/0 Aluminum Wire

This Aluminum Wire is a peerless substitute for direct burial away from the road, it is superb for heavy traffic or for death-drivers. This cable is fast and smooth with a tight fit, it is straightforward to handle and is practical for buried systems.

4/0 Aluminum Wire Amazon

This kit includes: an 40 20 Aluminum wire, a crimp converter, and a repair kit, the crimp converter helps you to convert your Aluminum Wire into a variety of crimp options that are splendid for your repair needs. The kit also includes a splice kit to create different splice attempts, and a repair guide, this Aluminum Wire direct burial cable is for the 40-40-40-20! It is puissant for wake up games, toons, or to last seen before. This cable is further first-rate for death remorse, this Aluminum Wire direct burial cable is fantastic for burying cable in an Aluminum cable chain. The cable is 100 wake forest 40-40-40-20 and provides an 20 foot length, the cable is ready for use at 40 foot long. It is straightforward to adopt and is top-quality for burying cable, the Aluminum Wire is a practical surrogate for burials because it isijuana-quality strength and resistance. It is moreover uncomplicated to handle and disassemble, making it a top substitute for used-car sales.